Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Broadband Connection will be provided subject to technical fusibility and geographic coverage. Client may have to give onetime non refundable installation charge for new internet connection depending on the selected package and base location.If client wishes to change package, Bhuiyan may charge Tk.100 BDT. as migration charge.Monthly 200 BDT charge is applicable for getting Real IP service. No fraction bill is applicable for getting Real IP service.

Subscriber can pay their Internet bill online by mobile banking or by Card. Only regular user can pay bill online.If your connection is temporarily or permanently block/ you want to migrate or change packages then do not pay your internet bill online. Please pay at Bhuiyan office desk.Discount facilities are not available for online payment.

Bhuiyan has the right to change its Service fees, installation charges and administrative charges at any time. Access to Client's premises.Clients will not relocate or temper any equipment owned by Bhuiyan. If Client wants to relocate any Base/devices they must contact Bhuiyan, and Bhuiyan will take necessary actions as soon as possible.Bhuiyan will exercise all reasonable care in providing its services, but will not be responsible for interruption/service due to power failures, equipment malfunction, nationwide internet backbone down or acts of natural calamity. No concession shall be considered on this ground.Bhuiyan network support team is not qualified for any software installation or hardware installation on client PC. Even though if any subscriber requests support team to work on their computer. Bhuiyan shall not take any liability for any damage or loss or destruction of any device or software, files or data. Therefore subscribers are requested to contact Bhuiyan office for any Hardware change or software installation.

Bhuiyan reserves the right to disconnect the service to any client instantly without any notice in case there is sufficient evidence of the customer intentionally or unintentionally using the service in a manner which would adversely impact Bhuiyan such as violation of ICT ACT OF Bangladesh or by applying any other illegal or unfair means.The Company reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement or prices for the service and may discontinue or receive any or all other aspects of the Service in its sole purpose at any time.Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time without cause by providing the other party with no less than 15 days written notice of such termination. In the event of termination by Client end, they must notify Bhuiyan by a non-electronic written submission. Email submissions shall not constitute effective notice.

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