Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you use the services from us, you may provide personal information about yourself such as your name, phone number, email address, personal address, etc. We may collect personal identification information through a number of ways including contact form submissions on our site, blog subscription and via other services, features or application forms we make available on our website. We only collect information when you provide it to us voluntarily to enhance your user experience in connection with the products and services we offer.

1. Home user subscribers have to pay their prepaid internet bill within 12th of the billing month. 2. If the bill is not paid by 12th of respective month, the line will be temporarily blocked without any prior notice.(It may take 24 hour to un-block the line, once it is blocked.) 3. If He/She wants to pay their Internet bill after 22nd of the billing month, they have to pay next month's bill with current month's bill.

1. If a user wishes to temporarily block/permanently discontinue their connection, they may fill up a form available at Bhuiyan 15 days before the line is to be blocked/discontinue. 2. If a user block his/her line, the duration must be at least 15 days or Bhuiyan will not give any adjustment. 3. User will be at able to active their line within 3 months by paying last billed amount in full.(No concession is possible)with current month's bill in advance. 4. If the line stays blocked for 3 month, the line will be permanently disconnected and Bhuiyan will take back the cable.

We will share our services, policies, goals, offers etc. using this platform. For any query do not hesitate to call us.

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